Lee Morris

Welcome! I'm a software developer from Bucks, UK.

I'm Tech Lead at Netdespatch, where I work on a SaaS product that simplifies the shipment and tracking of parcels.

I've worked in several industries, ranging from FinTech to EV smart charging.

I'm a "full stack" developer who's comfortable:

I like learning new languages, right now I use a mixture of:

I've worked on some really interesting things over the years, some things I'm particularly proud of:

Things I want to work on in the future:

When I'm not writing code or browsing hacker news, I enjoy hiking, running, Tennis & Boxing.

This site is a work in progress, more interesting content soon!

You can contact me at leemorris at fastmail dot com (I have no idea if this keeps spam bots away, but worth a shot!)